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08/01/10 (9 Pentecost)Fr. Richard LeslieOur Daily Bread
08/23/09 (12 Pentecost) Rev. Michael Reid Holy Communion
12/25/08 (Christmas) Fr. Richard Leslie Faith in times of uncertainty
11/23/08 (28 Pentecost) Megan Donahoe Youth Sermon
10/05/08 (21 Pentecost) Fr. Richard Leslie (Twenty?)First Century Change
09/28/08 (20 Pentecost) Fr. Richard Leslie Farewell, Amen
09/21/08 (19 Pentecost) Rev. Marcia Lockwood Last Sermon
08/08/08 (12 Pentecost) Rev. Marcia Lockwood Withdrawal and Compassion
07/13/08 (9 Pentecost) Fr. Richard Leslie Sowers
07/06/08 (8 Pentecost) Fr. Richard Leslie Collects, Liberty and Affection
03/30/08 (2 Easter) Anne Donahoe Faith and Doubt
03/23/08 (Easter Sunday) Fr. Richard Leslie Jesus Lives!
03/22/08 (Easter Vigil) Fr. Richard Leslie And God Saw that it was Good...
03/21/08 (Good Friday) Fr. Richard Leslie Obedience
03/20/08 (Maundy Thursday) Fr. Richard Leslie Freedom from Bondage
03/09/08 (5 Lent) Fr. Richard Leslie Obsessed with Sin!
03/02/2008 (4 Lent) Rev. Marcia Lockwood Seeing the Light
02/17/2008 (2 Lent)

Rev. Marcia Lockwood

Becoming a Believer
02/06/2008 (Ash Wednesday) Rev. Marcia Lockwood Assessing Ourselves Honestly
02/03/2008 (Last Epiphany) Rev. Marcia Lockwood The View from the Mountaintop
01/20/08 (2 Epiphany) Rev. Marcia Lockwood Come and See!
08/19/2007 (XII Pentecost) Fr. Richard Leslie Hearing Luke through 1st Century Ears
01/13/08 (1 Epiphany) Fr. Richard Leslie Who are the Beloved?
01/06/08 (Epiphany) Fr. Richard Leslie Matthew's epiphany on the birth of Jesus

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